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Taxila – ( Gandhara Civilization )

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Taxila – ( Gandhara Civilization )

Tour To : Taxila

Tour From : Rawalpindi , Islamabad

Gandhara region, the hallowed center of Buddhism, had once been the cradle of the world famous Gandhara art, culture and knowledge. The archaeological remains found in Taxila, Peshawar, Charsadda, Shahbaz Garhi, Jamal Garhi, Takht Bahi, Swat and rock carvings along the ancient Silk Road (KKH) have well recorded the history of Gandhara. Lying in Haro river valley near Islamabad, Taxila, the main center of Gandhara, is over 3,000 years old. Taxila attracted the attention of the great conqueror, Alexander in 327 B.C., when it was a province of the powerful Achaemenes Empire.

It later came under the Maurya Empire and reached a remarkable matured level of development under the great Ashoka. Then appeared the Indo-Greek descendants of Alexander’s warriors and finally came the most creative period of Gandhara. The Kushan dynasty was established in about 50 AD. During the next 200 years, Taxila, Peshawar and Swat became a renowned center of learning philosophy, art and trade. Pilgrims and travelers were attracted to Gandhara from as far as China and Greece. In 5th century AD, the White Huns snuffed out the last of the successive civilizations that held unbroken sway in this region for several centuries.

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0830 Hrs.Description

Leave for Taxila from Islamabad. Rawalpindi.

0930 HrsDescription

Arrive Taxila.

0930-1300 Hrs.Description

Visit Taxila Museum and Archeological sites.

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Lunch hot /box

1400-1630 Hrs.Description

Visit Khanpur Dam.

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Drive back to Islamabad/Rawalpindi

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